GTT: Factory-built from £64,950

Vortex Automotive can produce a fully finished car to your individual specifications (including engine options). Please contact us for further information.

GT: Self-Assembly Pack Pricing

(Updated April 2020)

Six staged packs with assembly instructions. Registered design No: 2074295

Deposit of 50% required with order, collection date to be agreed. Balance to be paid on collection.

Donor parts list available to enable a start before arrival of the Vortex packs. Packs are numbered in order of assembly and should be ordered as such.

Pack 1

Chassis A



A Full Donor Parts List gives comprehensive details of all parts

that can be used from the donor vehicles. The list will be

supplied on the receipt of a chassis deposit.


Front uprights

Front dampers and springs

Front upper and lower wishbone assembly

Steering rack assembly i5

2 x 5 Bolt front hubs

De Dion axle complete

Rear dampers and springs

Rear axle radius arms, Watts link.

Right-hand drive shaft

EV only
Output shaft pair
Battery trays

Rear: discs

Engine mounting bracket

Pack 2

Chassis B


Radiator to fan brackets

Exhaust assembly and tailpipe

Accelerator cable

Header tank

Bespoke handbrake cables

Gear change links and rockers

Speedo trigger wheel

Radiator pipes & hoses

Petrol tank (painted)

Wiper pivots and links

Radiator - engine coolant

FORD only

Pack 3


Exterior A


Unpainted but with apertures cut and most holes drilled:

Body shell, with bonded-in floor

Bonded tubular cantrail & header frames

Bonnet outer with bonded stainless hinges

Stay and release cable

Bonnet seals

Boot lid outer with bonded stainless hinges, gas struts & release cable

Accelerator cable

Pack 4


Exterior B


Unpainted but with finished edges, apertures and most holes drilled:

Doors, inners bonded to outers

Stainless steel hinges

Heater and fuel filler hose
Mirror cases and door wires

Steering column support

Latch mounting

Door buttons and bezels

Rear bumper

Door seals

Spare wheel well

Pack 5




Left and right rear quarters

Heated backlight

Pack 6





With finished edges apertures and holes:

A posts

B posts

Head lining


Centre console

Fascia binnacle
Console escutcheons

Rear bumper

Door seals

Spare wheel well




A minimum deposit of 50% will be required to secure the packs with

the remainder of each pack payable on collection of each pack.

Vortex Automotive Ltd reserves the right to change prices,

specifications and products at any time without notice.

Call for EV details.

All rights reserved.

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