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Superb performance

Powered by a Ford Ecoboost 2.0 or 1.6 litre engine, the road-legal Vortex V2 has exceptional driving attributes and performance . And with our highly successful background in formula  racing, its no wonder we've been able to create this exceptional machine.

Created by our ex-Jaguar designer and race champion, Chris Greville-Smith, the V2 shares its DNA with both the Vortex GT and highly successful race car forerunners.

Vortex V2 (001) featured on YouTube's 'Fast Furious and Funny'

Chris Greville-Smith takes  Alexandra Legouix for a spin at the Shakespeare County Raceway in the very first Vortex V2 prototype.


Oct/Nov 2016

NEW 1.6 Ecoboost Vortex V2 demonstrator

The new 1.6 Ecoboost Vortex V2 demonstrator with pushrods and 2017 spec latest features.

Oct/Nov 2016

NEW alternate V2 rollbar arrangement with bolt-on rear stays.


Jan/Feb 2016

Left-hand drive option available too

A Left Hand Drive V2 being prepped for export. This model is equipped with a non-turbo 2.0 litre GDI Ford powerplant.

Dec 2015

Total Kit Car magazine Road Test

Total Kit Car Magazine completed a full Road Test of the 2015 spec Vortex V2 in their this years best seller September issue. [See below for details]

Some of the quotes from inside

the TKC road test article:

"it's a proper missile . . ."

"one of the finest specialist cars I have driven . . ."

"superb drivers car that competes head-on . . ."

"possibly the best [steering] I have sampled . . ."


We think it all went rather well but we will admit to being a little biased. So after reading the review, we want to hear your opinion. (Use the comments section of the contact page).

If you like driving more than reading, you can use the same page to book a test drive you will never forget. After all - even though we are pleased TKC were truly impressed - we are only thrilled when you are.

Oct/Nov 2016

2015 spec with lower pricing announced

Vortex Automotive is excited to announce lower pricing on the V2 - 2015 spec as a direct result of design simplification and other efficiencies.

Just a few of the technical and design changes in the 2015 spec Vortex V2 include weight savings and a lower centre of gravity with a new 3" shorter nose, 7" narrower tail, 1.5" lower front bulkhead modified sidepanels and chassis, better pedal layout, new caliper positions, narrower rear track and more.

The following Production updates have now been completed 2015 spec V2:

  • Front pushrod layout option
  • Narrower, shorter, lower chasis
  • Wider front track, longer wishbones and track arms
  • Alloy calipers, non-vented discs
  • New caliper positions
  • Modified master cylinders
  • New mirror position
  • 6-Speed gearbox option
  • Optimised silencer
  • Now 2-channel fly-by-wire throttle
  • Modified side panels and internal trim boards
  • LED tail lamp option
  • Padded armrest and glass fibre centre tunnel
  • Passenger tonneau cover
  • New rack location
  • Luggage box in nose

Dec 2015

Vortex V2 (001) passes its IVA test












Both the V2 and the new Vortex GT-EV are featured on the Goodwood website

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